The Flower Bucket.

 50.00 -  90.00 VAT included.

A classic flower pot filled with different, uncleaned Flowers at a superdeal price. For everyone who wants to get creative themselves, we offer this unique option.

This standardized container is used by almost all gardeners, florists and florists worldwide. We reinterpret it. A selection of flowers to arrange yourself from start to finish.

🌱 Bred by various European nurseries. With a lot of love and experience.

🌸 Shelf life: varies - depending on the flower and use.

🚚 Sent in the bucket. You are welcome to return it for another delivery (unfortunately only possible with Fahrradbote and Doll's flower delivery at the moment, not with other courier services (if it is a little further away)) or bring it over. We are happy about it.

Attention - the selected size does not always relate to the size of the bucket! For example, if the small size is ordered, a large bucket can also be delivered and vice versa. The size mainly refers to the quantity and selection of flowers!

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