Suggestion: 96.00

Love, the most beautiful in the world - nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to find the right words.

To help with this we have created this wild bouquet - we try to portray this emotional explosion with exotic and seasonal flowers.

Minimum price: 96.00




Because we are a 'small' flower store with low cold store capacity and not an online mailing-house, we ask you for understanding that we can not bind exact copies of the photographed bouquets! Each bouquet is bound by hand is a unique piece of our florist.
The symbolic picture of the bouquets serves as a template - in order to be able to orientate itself to the binding style, color and flower selection.
Our assortment changes every day and we always arrange the freshest, longest lasting and most beautiful cut flowers.
Please indicate your wishes or suggestions during the ordering process under the item 'order note' - we will try to include them as best as possible.