Flower Shop


Hip, rich in details, colorful and with a lot of love.

It's not just the big things that we really enjoy! Our decorations, accessories and gift items always have a personal touch.

They cause amazement and all too often conjure up a smiling face. In addition to flowers, you will also find small luxury items, nice decorative elements and many curiosities from all over the world.



Flowers & Plants are living creatures that always change.
The trained eye, years of manual work and experience can understand the feelings and demands. We know what our little flowers need and can give you the best tips and tricks.

This is precisely why we know how important quality is. With us you can be sure that we will not compromise.


Doll's flowers Vienna
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The fascinating thing about our flower shop is not just the beautiful bouquets, fresh flowers and plants. It's those little things that only catch your eye and surprise at second or third glance.


Hand-tied bouquets are something beautiful. You can show love or give comfort. Our bouquets are always unique and convey something touching. The right flower can be found for every occasion. Contact us and we will surely find the bouquet for you.

Flowers in bunches

In bunches, not pre-cleaned flowers in bunches. made possible as a one-off Flower-Concept - Zero Useless Waste. We source flowers as directly, naturally and ecologically as possible with the Bundweise project.